whatever happened to that dude from the world crypto network videos who looked like everybody loves raymond's older brother

i know there won't be time travel within my lifetime because none of my friends who were actually in the tent at the time for daft punk at furthur '96 have told me that they saw old man me there

It's 2021.
And it's weird seeing citizens of nations obsess or concerned over their royals and politicians.

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My father was sentenced over 6 years in prison for attempting to leave #Cuba.

That’s how awesome #Socialism is, they have to force you to stay.

They went from #bitcoin is worthless beanie babies to #bitcoin is going to collapse society real fucking quick. LOL 😂

the other most interesting thought i had during the movie was "i bought at mattress at that mall once"

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even without covid ww84 would have gone straight to vhs

@Bubba 😂

sometimes i wonder how one man can be so lazy

and i use the term "man" loosely

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